Moss Cottage Poultry

Free Range Hen & Duck Eggs – Just Laid! Follow us on Facebook!

The Domestic Fowl Trust

Sale of free range hen eggs and sometimes quail eggs

The Stables

Chicken Eggs – Usually 2 or 3 boxes a week Duck Eggs – 4 or 5 boxes per week depending on lay rate

Happy House Hens

We have 9 hybrid brown girls who are rescue hens and 3 light Sussex white girls which we hatched ourselves. All lay beautiful fresh eggs d

Happy Hens Lay Yummy Eggs

Our flock is a mixture of hybrid (mixed breed) and rescue chickens, plus Clyde our rooster (also rescued). Under trading standards, we can

Peter’s Eggs

Free range eggs for sale. £1.50 per half dozen £7.00 for tray of 30. Free delivery in Bellaghy and surrounding area. Ring or text Peter

Brackagh Free Range Eggs

I have 20 hens and 4 roosters. I have a honesty box outside my house from where I sell my eggs. I also have a Facebook page where you can

Kilkeel quail

Quail eggs Chicken eggs Duck eggs Geese eggs Message for availablity

Mourne Menagerie

Large selection of free range eggs from various breeds of hens so lots of different colour of hen eggs. Also a steady supply of free range

Swallow Barn Farm

Swallow Barn Farm is our little smallholding based in the Devon countryside… we have rescue hens, hens we have bred ourselves, quail &am